Steps needed to setup server 2016 DC as time source to an external time source

I need a doc that shows the steps to setup a 2016 DC as an NTP time server source to an external time source. (ex:navy)
I found this article but it doesn't say anything about 2016 server. Would it be the same setup?
Let me know if these steps will work for 2016 server?
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Ashvin AshokTeam Manager - ITCommented:
Please find below the step by step instruction in setting up your 2016 DC as NTP serving your clients,
Ashvin AshokTeam Manager - ITCommented:
Below URL provides you the NTP server Address,
vmichAuthor Commented:
So the steps in this article are for setting up the PDC correct?
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Ashvin AshokTeam Manager - ITCommented:
Yes Exactly
vmichAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks and one more question.
Once I have this pdc setup, then I need to point all of my other servers to this pdc to get their time correct?
Ashvin AshokTeam Manager - ITCommented:
Yes, You can add other server and clients to your PDC and it should perfectly work !!!
vmichAuthor Commented:
One other thing I just thought of, the 2016 server is running on VMware.
Now the vmhost themselves are pointing to an external time source, so does not the host and 2016 servers need to be pointing to the same time source?
Ashvin AshokTeam Manager - ITCommented:
Yes it should be pointing to the same time source until you want a different time zoint pointing your PDC to a different time source with a different time zone
vmichAuthor Commented:
So just so I am clear on this,,, My VMware host and server 2016 pdc should be pointing to the same external source?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:

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vmichAuthor Commented:
One more question I promise... lol
If I make this gp change on the pdc, will it change the same setting on all the other dc's or will it just make the change on the pdc?
Does that make sense?
vmichAuthor Commented:
Never mind I will run it via command line on the PDC as is stated in Pete's article
Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
Now the vmhost themselves are pointing to an external time source, so does not the host and 2016 servers need to be pointing to the same time source?
Remember to turn off VMware Time Synchronization on all virtual Domain Controllers
vmichAuthor Commented:
Shaun question for you in regards to turning off time sync on the virtual dc..
Can I do that via the web client, under configure, then vm options, then under VMware tools and uncheck the setting for synchronize guest time with host?
Is this correct?
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