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I've asked dumb questions before so why not another. In creating a business card for the church the Facebook web address takes up to much space so the pastor wants to replace that with just the Facebook logo. The card template has a image space on the right and text lines on the left.

Since a logo (image) can not be converted to a letter(s) (??) I only see two choices:

a. Take the photo of the church and add the FB logo to the bottom of the photo of the church.
b. There is an extra text line under the photo so I could just enter "see (or join) us on Facebook, and not use the FB logo.

Any other options? Thanks.
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Karen FalandaysTraining Specialist

OK, I am assuming this is going to be a vcard or a virtual business card? If so, you can add a hyperlink to an image or text.
Obviously, for a printed card, you will need to spell it out.
Also, on a website, you can customize the Facebook logo to go right to your FB page
It's a printed card designed online.
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No worries, there are no dumb questions :)

But can you share a link or a mock-up of how you want it to look?

You could use a short url service like where you get a nice short url for you church FB site. You can choose you own url - when available.

Something like:
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URL shorteners might not be the best.  MOST security aware people will not go to any shortened URLs.

Without seeing the current URL and actual card details it's hard to say but have you looked ath the Facebook way to shorten URLs?
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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QR codes and comes to mind

I am security conscious and bitly does their part to remove malicious/spam URLs


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