All the rows from my query result into a text field

hello Guys,

I have a Query that results me 130.000 rows, I need to save all the rows into a txt file.
Today I use my system to do that, row by row and it takes me almost 3 horas processing.
Is there any possibility to have all the rows into a text field, thus I could save all the information
into a file in seconds.

Khan ConsultoriaAsked:
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Check this article if this is what you need
Khan ConsultoriaAuthor Commented:
Hi John,

I can't do this way, I need to return the information to my system as result into a dataset.

I was thinking about this, for exemplo. But I think it will not be fast

create procedure sp_SPED_Livro_G_Diario_Geral
  SELECT newid() as chave, 'N' as lido, * into #tmp FROM E001_2018_SPED_Livro_G_Diario_Geral a where 1=1  and (periodo in ('2018') or left(periodo,6) between '201801' and '201812') order by ORDEM_1,ORDEM_2,registro
  create table #t(id int, texto text)

  insert into #t (id, texto) values (1, '')

  declare @chave varchar(200);
  declare @linha varchar(1000);

  while exists (select top 1 'x' from #t where lido='N')
    select top 1 @chave=chave, @linha=registro from #tmp where lido='N';
    update #t set texto=texto + @linha where id=1
    update #tmp set lido='S' where chave=@chave

  select * from #t

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my first problem over there is using text field :(
Khan ConsultoriaAuthor Commented:
I found a solution, as you can see bellow, the query return to my dataset in my application a text with all lines generated.

			     FROM ( Select convert(text,     
																	(SELECT registro FROM E001_2018_SPED_Livro_G_Diario_Geral where periodo in ('2018') order by ORDEM_1, ORDEM_2, registro FOR XML PATH ('')) 
														   , '<registro>', '')  
												 , '</registro>', CHAR(13) + CHAR(10))
										 , '&#x0D;', '')
									  , '&lt;LINHAS&gt;', (SELECT convert(varchar, count(1)) FROM E001_2018_SPED_Livro_G_Diario_Geral where periodo in ('2018') ))) 
   				 AS LINHA ) AS A 

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