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Do you know how I can disable the toggling of the num lock key on Wondows 2012 R2?

Arnold Swan
Arnold Swan asked
I have a  vSphere Client 5.5 with a Windows Server 2012 R2 and as a guest VM. The funny thing is that the num lock key set to ON when I move the cursor into the VM. When I move it out it willl set my num to OFF.
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Sounds as though the default setting on the workstation from which you connect using vsphere client, has num locks off.
Presumably you have vmtools installed on the VM, when you access the VM the keyboard is now reflecting the settings on the VM, locking the hum locks.

One is to set the VM nun lock to off or the other to on.

I.e. You have to be uniform. Your VM language is italian, while the workstation default language is english the keyboard will reflect the character mapping accordingly.
English when you are outside the vsphere client and Italian when you are in the VM.


This only happens when I am on the vSphere Client on the VM and the console tab. This is not happening when i RDC into my VM.
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ROc local keyboard keystrokes (num lock on/off is controlled by the local system)
Vsphere switches the keyboard behavior when active to mimic as though the keyboard is directly connected to the system.

I.e vsphere client to VM activates the mouse/keyboard using VMware tools as though the keyboard and mouse are directly connected ..

The vmtool installed means you need not release ctrl+alt the keyboard/mouse for use on local system.

What is the implication other than the number key light being on or off.

The keyboard functionality does not change when you are on the local system.

The default setting on most systems I use is num lock is on.

At times use mouse keys so num lock off, means numbers pad is used for mouse controls.
I just decide to not worry about. Since I downloaded the vmware tools.
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Is it not what I suggested?