Page display issues with IE 10 on windows 10 pro 1903

I have a client who is trying to use the merchant center in quickbooks premier 2018. Quickbooks uses the I.E. browser within it's program so if there are issues with I.E. then there will be issues inside of quickbooks where it is accessing the Internet. There are a few issues with Internet Explorer that I believe are keeping it from working correctly. I think once we resolve the I.E. issues, the rest will take care of itself. The system was just upgraded from windows 7 pro to windows 10 pro version 1903. Internet explorer is exhibiting some strange issues. On a simple page like,  graphics do not show. A black box (w/o a red x) shows in place of the correct graphic. Accessing the merchant center via I.E. will initially display page info but once you click on one of the options, it moves to the next screen and generates a black box that would be where the detailed information would be. I have attached a copy of how it looks on a working version of I.E. (my computer, windows 10 pro 1803, i.E. 11 vs the non working verson on windows 10 pro 1903, i.E. 11.

I have removed I.E. on that computer via the windows features and reinstalled it. I have done a reset on I.E. and the advanced option on the advanced tab on I.E. settings. I have checked the media settings and it is set to show images. During the uninstall, I also deleted any I.E. info from the appdata folder for any users.

I have tried it both clean (to check websites like msn) and with the program requirements for quickbooks. Both sets of setting give the same results.

I do not know if I.E. was working before we did the upgrade to windows 10.

I'm not sure what other details to provide. If you need more info, please let me know. I hope that someone has some ideas on how to resolve this problem.

Thanks for you help with this issue.


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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I would verify with Chrome or Firefox that you can access web pages correctly on the problem computer.  We have seen instances where the firewall or other security software was blocking access to part of the pages and that would not be a QuickBooks problem.
are you sure it is IE 10 ?  i assume you mean IE11 - you can check the version in the about section of IE
if needed, download it and install it
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The farther along we move, the less likely upgrade in place from Windows 7 will be totally successful. I suggest you try a Windows 10 Repair Install to see if that corrects the problem.

Windows 10 is running, so click on the Download button (not Upgrade Button, select Save.
Create a USB Windows Installation key and then run Setup on the USB Key.
This will launch the Repair and proceed normally

V1903 is a very new version of Windows 10 (I am using that here).  Consider upgrading QuickBooks to V2019. I am using QB V2019 here and the IE browser windows in QuickBooks work.

This machine here and my machine at a client were fresh installs of Windows 10 (not upgrades) and QuickBooks V2019 is working properly.
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w_marquardtOwnerAuthor Commented:
Dave, I have verified that it works properly with chrome and firefox on that computer. I should have included that in the question details.

Nobus, It is IE 11. OS is 10.

John, I'll check about upgrading to qb 2019 but my gut feeling is that if IE won't work outside of QB regardless of version, then it won't work inside QB either. I'd really rather get IE fixed and see what happens and then focus on upgrades / updates after that. You might be onto something about the upgrade process for 7 to 10. I've certainly seen my share of issues but none quite as 'unfixable' as this one.

Additionally, I have an image of the computer prior to the upgrade. I'll try to mount that and see if IE works in that version. I'll keep you all posted.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
my gut feeling is that if IE won't work outside of QB regardless of version, ….  You might be onto something about the upgrade process for 7 to 10.

I think the issue then is the upgrade from Windows 7.  

Please keep us posted.

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well your header says ie10, sorry - with wrong info it can be anything…
anyway, you can uninstall /reinstall it
w_marquardtOwnerAuthor Commented:
Nobus: I see what you mean. Messed that up. Sorry.
w_marquardtOwnerAuthor Commented:
Nobus: I have done an uninstall / reinstall as far as I know how. Is there another way to dig deeper and remove any and all of IE 11 and reinstall it?
i don't know if that is possible, since it iss very tight integrated into the OS
w_marquardtOwnerAuthor Commented:
Nobus: Yeah, that's pretty much what I found.
then i see a coule of possibilities - some already mentioned :
- a OS repair
- OS fresh install + backup
- system restore to a date it was ok
Zach ShaverTechnical LeadCommented:
Try turning off hardware acceleration in the advanced options of IE. If that works, leave it be. Otherwise if it works but you need hardware acceleration, perhaps try looking for updated graphics driver.
w_marquardtOwnerAuthor Commented:
nobus: I'll be doing a fresh install of windows 10 1903 tonight. Their system is fairly simple so installing a couple of programs and transferring the data should be easier than fixing this problem. I've already tested IE and the merchant center under windows 10 1903 and it works fine. I'm assuming a clean build on that computer will work as well.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Upgrade to Windows 10 was also in my post above.  Good luck with the new installation
w_marquardtOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for pointing that out. I was only (quickly) looking at the last couple of replies so I could keep the question active.
w_marquardtOwnerAuthor Commented:
I ended up just doing the fresh install. Everything worked perfectly after that. Thanks for all the help.

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