Permanent gray border around all pages of Word document

shaunwingin used Ask the Experts™
Say, please see the attached screen shot of a Microsoft Word document. The gray border surrounding the text is mine concern. How do I get rid of this? I cannot find what is causing this gray border around the text. Whichever Edit mode I chose, the gray border remains. It is something in the formatting, I would assume. Thanks, Shaun
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Can you post the document, edited if necesary, to save us guessing, please?
Finance Analyst
It looks like the page colour has been changed and then a table inserted with white background so that you can see the text.
Page colour setting


It was page colour but no table seems to be present. The large page boarder is still present
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Rob HensonFinance Analyst

OK, used the text shading options instead.
Text shading
@Rob seems to have found the solution

page color is grey and paragraph shading is white

Rob HensonFinance Analyst

Thank you Paul for confirming.

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