Catching  dynamically generated <a href> callbacks - How to catch them?

Massimo Scola
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I have a jQuery Mobile listview (Cordova) which I populate like this:

       * @description populates the listview with all the clients
      this.populateListviewClients = function() {
        var markupHTML = [];
        for (x = 0; x < app.allClients.length; x++) {
          //create markup
          var markup = '<li><a href="#" class="modalCustomer" id="' + app.allClients[x].id + '">' + app.allClients[x].name + '</a></li>';



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and the HTML is this:

            <form class="ui-filterable">
                <input id="filterable-input" data-type="search" placeholder="Search clients...">
              <div data-theme="b" data-content-theme="a"></div>
              <ul id="listviewClients" data-role="listview" data-filter="true" data-inset="true"

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Everything loads nicely, but I cannot get the callback to work - even though I assigned each <a href> a generic class name.
I would like to get the callback because I would like to know which link the user clicked.

This is the callback:

  // Update DOM on a Received Event
  receivedEvent: function (id) {
    $("#allWidgets").on("click", function (e) {
      $(':mobile-pagecontainer').pagecontainer('change', '#addItems', {
        transition: "slidefade"

    $(".modalCustomer").on('click', function(e) {

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I checked with my debugger.. the browser does not enter the <a href> callback.

What is missing in my code - or my logic?


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to attach an event handler to a dynamically created element you need to bind to a static parent element and specify the elements you are interested in. To do this

$('#listviewClients').on('click', '.modalCustomer', function() {
   // This code will now fire on any dynamically created element with the class modalCustomer

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Why does it work like this.
When code that binds events runs it can only bind to elements that actually exist. To bind to elements created after the binding runs we bind to a parent (static) element - in this case listviewClients and then tell jQuery to look at the to see if it matches the selector (in this case) .modalCustomer. In this way we can listen for events bound to elements that are created after the binding code runs.

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