How to binding Access's Lookup&Relationship Column items in

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I have a Microsoft Access database for projects and i added a Lookup&Relationship oclumn to my access database and i typed the values i wanted like an example below.
But when i binding this datasource in my tool and insert combobox and set DisplayMember this column. I couldnt be able to see items in my combobox items collection.

I thought i'm making mistakes in this topic, any experts can help me where i am wrong ?

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Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think the values you set in the lookup wizard are available outside Access.

What you need to do is to create reference tables (plain old table that will contains these values). And since that will be just regular tables, you will be able to use them to populate your combo boxes.
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Lookup values at the table level are not recommended due to the problems they cause with queries and code.  Since you are not using Access for anything (You are using Jet or ACE if all you are doing is using "Access" to hold data), the lookup has no impact.  No other FE application EXCEPT Access would even see them.

Eric gave you the correct solution.  When you create the new table, don't forget to enforce RI so that only valid values can be stored.

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