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I have a Server 2012 R2 virtual machine (VM) server running on a VMware host that is apart of a VMware cluster of servers that is able to join my domain, but after joining the domain, and performing the initial reboot, it is not able to login to the domain. I receive an error stating: "No Logon Servers Available." I can still login to the machine via local Administrator account, and when I do, I've verified that the DNS server is set to the correct DNS server (the DC; a Windows Server 2019 VM) and I've verified that this server has been created as an object in AD. Additionally, I cannot perform a gpupdate /force to test if there is connectivity between the server and the DC. When I ping the hostname of the server from the server, it yeilds the IPv6 address rather than the IPv4 address yet, IPv4 has been given priority. Additionally, I've unjoined and rejoined the server to the domain to only yield the same results. I've joined other machines to this same domain without any issue.

Quick note - I can successfully ping the hostname and IPv4 address of the DC. Additionally, if I force the ping of my own hostname to use IPv4 (e.g. ping hostname.local -4), it will yield the IPv4 version.
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check if server has not grabbed APIPA address and having only single NIC, could be network issue

and turn off server firewall if running and check


When I enable DHCP, the server grabs an IP from the DHCP server as expected. Anything else I should try in regards to the APIPA?

Already tried disabling the firewall to no avail as well.

Try pinging the domain (not the DC. the domain) to see what Ip you get (should be the DCs IP) and also confirm you can see SYSVOl by browsing to it (e.g. \\

Assuming these are OK, check if you have multiple DNS servers set on the VM. It may be referencing a secondary DNS server or a DNS server provided by IPv6.

Also, run dcdiag on the DC just to confirm the DC itself is OK.


On the 2012 R2 VM, I ended up destroying it and recreating it from scratch. This seems to have patched the problem for now, but it's not a permananet fix. Getting errors regarding GPupdates now not being able to see the DC. Just now noticing DNS app on DC was missing _msdcs zone. Still missing _tcp, _udp, etc. if anyone has any thoughts on how to get those back, that would be helpful. Looking at another DC for another domain and comparing and contrasting as best as I can.
Issue has been self-resolved. My colleague decided to spin up this server by enabling DNS first without typing it into AD that was problem number 1 as to why it wasn't getting any changes when I would register DNS. Problem 2 was that in Server 2019, I need to enable the SSDP and UPNP Host Device Services to start automatically and stay online. Once I did this, my other servers were able to receive gpupdates. Thanks for your help.

Sharing on Server 2019:
DNS Allowed Updates:
The last link also led me to discover it wasn't connected to AD which also explains an error I was getting about the domain name when joining machines to the domain.

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