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I have a problem on Word and macros.

I use this macro :
Sub refresh()

    ActiveWindow.View.ShowFieldCodes = True
    ActiveWindow.View.ShowFieldCodes = False
End Sub

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I want to run this macro with this .vbs:

Dim Word

Dim WordDoc

Set oArgs = WScript.Arguments

Set Word = CreateObject("Word.Application")

Word.Visible = False
Set WordDoc = Word.Documents.Open(oArgs(0))

Word.Run "refresh"





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here the command I launch to execute this vbs :

cscript C:\refresh.vbs C:\Users\admin\Desktop\a.docx refresh C:\Users\admin\Desktop\b.docx

And nothing happen... here

C:\refresh.vbs(14, 1) Microsoft Word: command failed

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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering Consultant
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Where does the Refresh() macro exist, in a template?

If you comment out this line in the VBS does it still error?

Word.Run "refresh"

Do you have write permission to the folder involved?

You might try running it with:

Word.Visible = True

to see if you get any additional info on screen.

Found the solution by my self.

Word 2016 was installed.

I uninstalled word and installed office 2016 Standard edition, and now it works.

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