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I have a food brand that is a start up but because the idea liked by some investors, I was asked to allow them to start the same brand in different regions.

There are currently two different investors who are willing to partner with me in two different regions.

They asked me to choose whether I prefer Whitelabeling or something else.

What do you recommend and what are the prerequisites that these investors need to have before they qualify? market study etc.. what do I ask them for?

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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

You asked, "What do you recommend and what are the prerequisites that these investors need to have before they qualify?"


One large stack of cash.

What large means to you... is... well... up to you...

There are many approaches + they all come down to cash.

Anyone can lie.

Large stacks of cash are the only real truth.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

You  need to get a lawyer involved, a professional -- not a local "GP" -- who deals in copyright and trademark law.  The "interested parties" will have one or more lawyers on their side, so don't go to a gun fight with a squirtgun.

Be sure that you have got the copyrights and trademarks locked down before you go any further.

And as David says, "l'argent parlent."  Make the investors show the money up front and put it into escrow.  That way even if they decide to welsh on the investment and you don't get paid, they don't get their money back either.


Thank you gentlemen.

But is it all about cash? If they want to launch my idea in their regions, shouldn't they provide me with some market and feasibility studies? How would I guarantee that they are capable of making a success in addition to providing money?

Plus, you never suggested the type of partnership you see is best for me. Shall I go for whitelabeling or something else?
Fractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018
Only you can answer this question for yourself.

This will revolve around your motivation - cash, prestige, power, whatever.

Best you clarify what business means to you.

For me the purpose of business is to produce ever increasing cash + ever increasing freedom (meaning free time), with zero staff + zero partners. And everyone will have some different definition.

Define what you mean by business + success + partnership. Be sure to include your expectations of roles + responsibilities of you + your partners (if you opt for partners).

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