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Hi guys

We are about to set up a Design Authority. There will be various members of teams from different areas of I.T, from full stack Developers,.NET developers, to infrastructure teams and business analysts.

We are trying to create processes,especially concerning new products that are being sought or just changes that want to get implemented.

I will be heading it. But i wanted yo go in with an agenda or checklist that I could show them that we could have people go through whenever we want to approve of their suggestions.

What things would you put in a checklist if it was you?

Thanks for helping
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The Design authority is there to make sure that any proposals are in the best interests of the business.
The usual plan is to compare any proposals against a number of pre-agreed criteria.
Ideally you'll have some business objectives and strategies. Measure each proposal against these to confirm if it aligns or not.
You'll also have a number of procedures & standards of how your business does certain things so consider these too.
There may be several public standards you also have to consider (e.g. ISO 27001, best practice from vendors etc.)

Worth noting that you will sometimes have no choice but to do something even where it doesn't align with stuff. These are exceptions and cannot always be avoided. They must be recorded, tracked and ideally dealt with (remediated) at some point in the future.

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