Plugin Suggestions for Recurring Payment and Affiliate Payouts

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This may be more a matter of taste rather than a technical question:

I have a web app that I'm going to be selling Membership access to. I'd like to use Shopify as the Merchant Account/Gateway in which I will need to purchase and configure two plugins:

1. A Recurring Subscription plug-in that will allow me to charge Customer's 30 days out from when they subscribed and keep that payment recurring for a given duration
2. An "Affiliate" plug-in as I will be paying a Sales Team a portion of the initial cost from the Customers.

I realize this is a big ask and I'm fairly new to Shopify, so please use laymen's terms with your suggestions. The app is written in Node.JS/React so I suspect that integration won't be too difficult for the Devs.

Thanks for your assistance.
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Many payment systems contain an affiliate system these days.

Take a look at ThriveCart as a good starting point.

In the case of payment + affiliate system combos, you likely won't use Shopify.
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Thanks, David. Another great suggestion and pointing me in the right direction. ThriveCart is going to do everything I need for a Cart solution.

David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

You're welcome.

Aside: Recently I started taking a poll amongst my clients doing affiliate tracking + payouts.

100% of folks using ThriveCart have said, no other system they've every used comes close, so I have ThriveCart on my list to test for my next project requiring this type of logic.

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