need impossible to find driver

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need driver for i9-9900k graphics Intel UHD Graphics 630 IGP running on Windows Server 2016
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Built-in video adapters are normally included in the Intel chipset kit for whatever chipset is on the motherboard.

How does the adapter show up in Device Management?  Unknown device, generic VGA, or what?
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems Administrator

you can try the windows 10 drivers; nothing specific for windows server
Intel are sometimes a bit funny about running workstation drivers o server operating system; they deliberately block the installation.

In the past, I have managed to use the workstation drivers, just use the Windows 8/10 drivers, and run in compatibility mode for Windows 8. Worth a try!
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

The direct link to the graphics driver is a .ZIP file. It's ~350MB.

Once downloaded, right click on it and Properties. Tick the UNBLOCK option then APPLY and OK.

Extract the files.

In Device Manager right click on the graphics and Update Driver then choose the option to search the above folder.

It _may_ find one it can use in the folder set. It is not guaranteed, but sometimes it will work.

The other option is to try the drivers for the new Intel Extreme NUC8i7HVK as they have Windows Server 2016 drivers. This may be your best bet.
Most Valuable Expert 2013

It's impossible to find for a reason, a Win2016 driver for this chipset doesn't exist.  The only workaround is modify an existing Win 10 driver, normally by unblocking driver protection built into the Server OS.

In your previous question about this yesterday I suggested you edit the server bootloader to disable driver integrity checks and switch on Test Signing before adding the Win 10 Intel driver Asus provide for your system board.  If that didn't work could you reply in that thread?  Thanks.

As noted above, it's not an "impossible to find" driver; It doesn't exist.
This hardware was never intended to be used with Server 2016 so did not create drivers for it.

Even if you do get it working, with some good suggestions above, the OS may be unstable and would be unsupported by both the hardware vendor and the OS provider.

if this is for a home project instability may be acceptable but if this if for any kind of business use it may put the business at risk if it holds any business critical functions.
I was able to get around using the video from the processor by installing a Nvidia NVS315 which comes with Windows Server 2016 drivers.  Thanks everybody for the suggestions

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