How to  create a plugin to update D365 lookups for Country and State

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Dynamics 365 9.1, InsideView

I am trying to create a plugin to update D365 lookups for Country and State.   The source of the updates will be option-set values from Insideview.

I have the basic structure (using statements, IPlugin interface, plugin code) but looking for guidance or examples for updating the lookup guids from the option set values.

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Hi apollo7,

You will search the entities which are storing Country and State using QueryByAttribute OR FetchXML and first retrieve the right GUIDs for both Country and State and once that is done, you will simply

entity["COUNTRY LOOKUPFIELDNAME"] = new EntityReference("COUNTRY ENTITY", new Guid("COUNTRY GUID"));
entity["STATE LOOKUPFIELDNAME"] = new EntityReference("STATE ENTITY", new Guid("STATE GUID"));

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Thanks for your help

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