Looking for a long 40' Displayport to HDMI cable that supports 4K

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I currently have an Nvidia Quadro P2000 card, and I am installing (2) 50" 4K monitors, that require a 40' HDMI cable.
My video card is Displayport, and I don't want to have to have an adapter from Displayport to HDMI, so i've been looking for
Display port to HDMI 40' that does 4K and I can't find any.

Should I change my video card and go with a video card that is HDMI?   If so, what would be a good one that supports 5 or 6 monitors, full 4K resolution?

I'm thinking at this point, I might just try a 40' HDMI cable with a Display port adapter, but the HDMI cable will be in the wall, so I can't replace it if this
setup doesn't work.

Any suggestions?
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Yes don't go more than about 25ft with a Cat 2 (true UHD) copper HDMI cable without some kind of signal boosting.
There are no copper HDMI cables that will currently do this (carry a 4k signal bandwidth over 40ft without degradation)
Perhaps switch to Ethernet using Cat6 or better use a F/O HDMI Cable.
Remember you need it to be rated at at least 18Gbs for 4K

"I don't want to have to have an adapter from Displayport to HDMI"
But you want a DP>HDMI cable?  That is an adapter!  Go from an HDMI source to HDMI input at monitor

And if you're going to put the cable in the wall get wider ducting than you think you need as there are bound to be better options in the future you can then pull through and replace.
DanNetwork Engineer


Got it, so I was going to buy the following:



Are you saying the cable you suggested is better?  Will it work with the adapter I'm looking at buying?
There's no conduit in the walls, so the installers are just going to feed the cable down the insulation, etc... messy, but at least they said they can install it, so I want to make sure I get the correct cable from the start.

Should I get the cable you suggested, with this Kramer DP to HDMI adapter?  
Also, is there a better brand of the cable you suggested, as I've never heard of that brand and I rather get something that is a very good brand as I can't replace it easily.
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They are two different ways of solving the same problem (Ethernet & F/O)

It's too easy to spend your cash, you ought to check out reviews on both.

It should be possible you can get the cable delivered and just lay it out in the house to check it delivers the quality you need before getting someone to pull it through your walls (but get them to pull some nylon twine through with it as a back up plan!) if it doesn't work outside the walls then you can return it without the house attached.

"is there a better brand of the cable you suggested, as I've never heard of that brand"
LOL! Not sure there is. In UK/Australia it's the go to cable brand for home cinema geeks :)
Likewise Kramer here is pretty much unheard of!
Network Engineer
Thanks for your input, I got a different ethernet cable, so hope it works.
DanNetwork Engineer


Thanks for your help.

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