Do Dynamic Parameters have the ability to do Lookups in a list while typing?

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Dynamic Parameters do they allow users to edit (type in) a text window or do parameters allow users to query a list from typing in the first few letters in a name or code? I notice while creating a Dynamic Parameter the Settings show "Editable" available but does not seem to work on my CR license. For example if I type in my last name Clarke and I started typing in Cla…….it would pull up all the Clark’s or Clarke’s etc? Does Crystal have a way to do this?  If so how do you set that. My settings are not showing that function. on CR 2016 SP 5.
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In the version I have you can type and the highlight/cursor will  go to that letter.  If you type fast enough you can go to say Cla

THe full list is still available but at least you can get to a starting point.

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Thank you sir this makes me think that the version we have either needs a patch or latest SP update to current. Perfect I am glad it is supposed to do that.

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