how to download a video from swf file

Rohit Bajaj
Rohit Bajaj used Ask the Experts™
There is a web page which is playing the video in a flash player. I downloaded the swf file from the webpage.
How can i convert it to mp4.
or is it enough to download the video.

Or is there any other thing i should look for in the webpage like in the network tab etc.
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Online convertors exist:

VLC will already play .swf files.

If you need it to be more "private", you can use VLC to convert it too.
How to Convert non-interactive SWF files to MP4 using VLC

    Download & install VLC Player.
    From the top menu, choose Media.
    Click Convert / Save.
    The File tab is now selected. Click Add Files on the right side.
    Select the SWF flash file you would like to convert.
    Click Convert / Save at the bottom.
    In the Profile field, choose the format you would like to convert to: MP4, MPEG, WMV, etc. Also, you can choose a website preset if you are going to upload the video to a video website (for example, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).
    At the destination file field, choose a directory and file name for the converted file.
    Click Start.
    Now you’ll see the SWF played in VLC. Once the playback will complete, the converted file will be in the output directory.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018
You can also use ffmpeg...

ffmpeg -i file.swf file.mp4

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