multitenant site - maintain an ID throughout all pages, session or different solution?

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I have a web app that is multi tenant

There is a select (dropdown) in the layout.cshtml
This contains a list of locations

When you select a different location, it reloads the page and populates data relevant to that location by appending a parameter

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This is all working fine
There are many different pages in the navigation (Li's in  layout.cshtml)

The issue is, the siteId is forgotten when i visit a new page, and just loads the default site (first one in list)
I was thinking of storing this siteId in session and referring to this,
I'm wondering if there is another solution?
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Hi Webss,

For such a scenario, you can always use session. For such a small amount of data being pass around, session is a perfect candidate. If that is not the case then on each request, you can pass site id using TempData as well.

I do not think you will need it but just in case you need to see this in action, please have a look at:


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