Monitor server resources - open source options?

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I have a windows server 2016 which we need to monitor the following

Memory usage
(and possibly MSMQ / Rabbit Q message size)
(and possibly biggest resource consuming apps)

I would like to be able to log at N min intervals and report to a cloud/ my own external server
I would imagine an agent needs to be installed on the server, and then a collector on another server

Are there any cheap/free options available for this

I was thinking PowerBI or something similar?

What options do I have?

I would potentially need it on about 6 servers so it gets expensive with a paid solution.
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At one client I'm using Nagios to monitor hundeds of servers. It's free, easy to setup and comes with basic checks like cpu, disk and memory usage. With custom scripting you can basically monitor anything you want.

Some custom scripts can be found here.

For monitoring you can use PRTG or Nagios


Thanks Guys, I had already looked at Nagios, but it was a bit old skool
I have given PRTG a try, its the perfect fit, thanks

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