samba domain controller

Jasmin shahrzad
Jasmin shahrzad used Ask the Experts™
is There any docker documentation to insatll samba active directory control as docker conatiner or LXC/LXD.
I want to move my domain (on samba on ubuntu 16.04) move to docker.
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

With LXD, you can use any SAMBA setup guide which seems to work, because LXD containers are self contained, bootable entities.

If you use Docker, you'll have to arrange for all your config files + data files to live in some external volume. This means using Docker requires modifying any setup guide to work as Docker requires.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Tip: Geez, don't use Ubuntu 16.04, where support support ends in 2024.

Use 18.04, where support runs through 2028.

With Bionic (18.04) you get a full Networking Stack rewrite + many other perks.

Always start with latest LTS.

Note: Also, LXD won't really run well on 16.04 + Docker will also likely have impossible to debug problems... because... no one is doing any Xenial (16.04) targeted dev work at this point. This means any code shoe-horned into working on Xenial will all be back port code.

Take LXD for example. All LXD updates come by way of SNAP installs (not APT) + Xenial SNAP support is... well... you'll only go this route if you have unlimited time + budget.

Best to always start with the latest Ubuntu LTS version, if time + budget optimization is important to you.


ok. thanks. i take an ubuntu 18 . is there any best practice? documentation for set up lxd ,....
Fractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018
You're welcome!

LXD setup can be fast/easy or slow/hard, just like Docker.

The primary point setup pivots around is your IP setup.

If you're working with blocks of IPs, where each container has it's own public IP, then your container setup will be fast/easy + also the container's network throughput speed will be same (no measurable difference) than physical interfaces.

If  you have many containers trying to share one or a small number of IPs then you'll be using a complex setup using HAProxy + your container networking speed will drop to roughly 50% or less of physical interface speed.

The easy approach is to use a provisioner like OVH, who sells IPs for $3 one time setup + no monthly cost.

Best to close this question + open a new question about best practices for setting up LXD + LXD networking... which are identical to Docker networking...

Me personally, I use OVH + every new machine start by purchasing a block of 16 IPs. Normally I purchase IPs as 16 or 32 IP blocks, so doing things like setting up MTAs or containers requiring multiple IPs are all arranged so netmasking is simplified.

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