relocating hyper-v virtual drive

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we have single windows 2012r2 server with 2 hyperv servers running on it.

our raid is getting rather full, and wanted to relocate one of the servers onto a new 1.2tb drive we have just added to the server. we can then expand the hyperv volume size on the remaining server, to gives us some more room.

we intend to add another raid so we can expand our storage, but for the moment, we are hoping the extra drive will ease our constraint.

my question is what is the best way of relocating a vm? i have never done this before, and as it is a live production server, wanted to make sure i did it the right way.

any detailed instructions on this progress would be very much appreciated.

many thanks
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Its simple.  if you have the new location already configured on where you want to move the VM, open up Hyper-V Manager, right click on the VM, and select "Move"

You can choose where you want to move the storage too.

It's a live move so the VM won't go down, but there will be latency.


many thanks to all

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