Bad gateway on opening a website

Rohit Bajaj
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I am getting the following error while opening a url in chrome on my mac
Sometime back it was opening properly
I tried it in other browsers and in cognito mode.
But still the same error.

How can i resolve this ? I am not sure whether its a system fault or website

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The problem shown above means your host is dead.

Or in many cases CloudFlare is glitching (unstable).

If you can ping your host, then CloudFlare is glitching. The only fix for this is to stop using CloudFlare.

If you can't ping your host, then CloudFlare is correct + your host is dead. Fix here is to fix whatever is broken with your host.

No way to guess about this, because your Host/IP is obfuscated/hidden by CloudFlare, so no way to actually test your Host/IP.

You'll have to test your host to determine correct fix approach.

Tip: If you do continuous testing, you'll will be horrified just how badly CloudFlare works... or doesn't work... Enable continuous testing to see if you are comfortable using CloudFlare.
Error 502 means that the CDN or the reverse proxy can't reach your origin host. In simple words - your origin, as defined on Cloudflare,  is not responding.
Causes for 502 errors are connectivity issues between Cloudflare and your server, an origin server that changed its IP address, or possibly a wrong DNS setup.
I am sad to hear that a colleague has had bad experience with Cloudflare.
I work at a CDN reseller, and we sell Cloudflare among other CDNs. We closely monitor the services, and regularly put them to reliability and benchmark tests.
Whenever a customer has issues with Cloudflare, 99.99% of the time the problem is either at the customer's servers, or a misconfiguration by the customer. Last week we had a customer who moved his content servers to AWS, and forgot to account for IP changes on AWS load balancers.
Check your origin servers.
If your website is important to you and downtime hurts you, consider buying a paid package from Cloudflare, so that you have full support.

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