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Online and Offline Backup for Personal Use

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Last Modified: 2019-07-08
Hi Experts,
I'm looking for reliable online/cloud and offline/SSD backup solution for family use. I have around 250 GB of data as of now

Reason, I had to recover my old crash portable HDD (spent $500) I had a copy of my complete files in my laptop...my bad luck that crash recently as well.

Now, I'm in the process of consolidating all my files into my current latptop and backing up into my Samsung T5 SSD. I use Beyond Compare on my Window 10 Surface.

My members uses
and Mac

Thinking of something like...
1. Regularly back up (sync) to my portable SSD
2. Also Sync files online backup as well.
3. Share with my family members.

Thanks in advance
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James BunchSystems Engineer

Give Solarwinds Backup and Recovery a chance. It has a pretty decent configurable backup solution for your backup schedule, optimizing backing sources, and allows for "Local Speed Vault" which you can back up to the external hard drive first then it uploads it to the cloud. We use it at our MSP and its been great.



Thanks James for your quick reply, will check that.

Somehow think, should try with familiar products :)

Will wait for other suggestions/advice as well
James BunchSystems Engineer

You are welcome. Solarwinds does have a great set of features and the company is very responsive and helpful with support. Other solutions are Acronis TrueImage, you can use Paragon HDM to manually image/backup stuff, if you are looking for total system options.

If you are only needed file level backups, you can run something like OneDrive/Google Drive/Sharepoint type systems to backup up files across many devices and then create share links to others that you want them to see the files.
Business Consultant (Owner)
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Look at Drop Box for a universal solution for all devices including IOS. That works well (I use Drop Box), as does One Drive for Windows.

MAC and IOS like iCloud for backing up. Apple has a Windows iCloud offering as well. So consider iCloud.

I have two Windows Computers (as well as IOS devices) and I sync data between the two Windows Computers with Sync Back Pro (2Brightsparks).  Another good product.
Scott FellDeveloper & EE Moderator
Most Valuable Expert 2013

I second John's suggestion.  

Run everything off of wither OneDrive , Google Drive or DropBox .

You can easily move/make your MyDocuments sync with OneDrive (or the others) and keep all files there. Syncing will be done whenever you are connected to the internet. For mobile devices, you have the choice to sync when only on wifi vs mobile data.  All have the ability to let you view files as if they are offline in your file explorer but the files can be in the cloud. This makes it very helpful if the amount of data you have is greater than your local storage. You can choose to view individual files or folders locally or not vs viewing in the cloud. Of course you can just keep everything local like when you are on your mac or pc, but for mobile users this may not be a good solution.

Another feature for all of these is the ability to recover files. Let's say you accidentally delete or overwrite a file, you can recover. In dropbox as example, you just go online and select view hidden files. You can see all of your versions for that file. The length of time the version history is there will depend on your plan. I have had to use this feature a few times

There is also the ability to collaborate on documents and view each others edits live.

When your hard drive crashes, everything is synced to to the cloud drive. Install your new drive and reconnect and you are ready to go.

Using a sync client/tool like dropbox, onedrive or google drive is the way to go for everyday use. You can still use an external hard drive and schedule backups during the day and/or night. But recovering files is a lot easier with one of the clouddrive options.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Thank you and I was happy to help you