Please advise a dictionary of derogatory epitheths or a method to create it

Jack McKenzie
Jack McKenzie used Ask the Experts™
I need a list of derogatory epithets. An epithet is an adjective expressing a quality or attribute of the person or thing mentioned.
What technology or method would you use to find a list? The list is basically like a dictionary, but a dictionary of derogatory epithets, not all adjectives. I need the dictionary or some expert advice to create it. In general, it's a subset of English. Ideally, it would be for use in web technologies.
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Commented: provides a good starting point.

If you really must, you can manually extract the adverbs.

Note: You may find banning words across many languages provides benefits too.
Might also look at the aspell product and it's various dictionaries as well as the ability to build your own.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

No matter what list you use, all it takes is a creative one-letter mis-spelling and the list is useless.  Trying to enforce morality on somebody else "wastes your time, and it annoys the pig."
Jack McKenzieChief Executive Officer


The list should contain derogatory epithets that are attributes of a person or qualities of a thing. They must not be swear words. The use is not a filter. The use of the dictionary is a classifier.

A few examples of derogatory epithets: "crooked", "crying", "fake". When used, they are adjectives adding bad attributes to a person or a thing.
For example "crooked Hillary", "fake news", "crying Chuck Schumer".

As a small experiment, try to think of one derogatory epithet that characterizes a person's bad weakness. There are several hundred, or possibly a few thousand options. It's a computer classifier task (AI) to score the match and come with one best match. I want to build some approximation of that tool.

Given the data set of derogatory adjectives, it's possible to feature extract them from sentences automatically. Then, label enough samples myself as the training data for AI. Finally, the AI tool will learn new rules for classification of new terms automatically. I know approximately how to code it. I'm just missing the data sets.

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