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Joe Danyi
Joe Danyi used Ask the Experts™
i have a server image backup. i need to restore it to a drive so i can get a vhd of the drive. do i need to restore the backup with the same version of server that is backed up?
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Richard SchiererOwner & Chief Technologist

If you have a 'serve image backup' this would lead me to ask if the 'backup' was a full server image? And if so, then the server OS was backed up with it. All you would need then is a bare metal server to restore it to.

What did you use to image the server?
Joe DanyiOwner


im not sure. this is from a company we just started dealing with. and another tech was on it. im just trying to restore it so i can then get a vhd of the drive
Owner & Chief Technologist
What is the file extension? Some backup systems have their own. Acronis uses .TIB, you might be able to gain some insight from googling the file extension. then you can find the software that was used to back it up. If you are new to the client, then you could/should do an inventory of their software, especially on their server. For a one time audit, you could use something like BelArc Advisor, although if you are using it for business purposes, you are asked to purchase it. but it give you a ton of great information about the computer/server including license numbers and keycodes! By finding the application that created it, you are one step closer to being able to restore it. Keep us in the loop!

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