run changes to datatable in Infragistics WebDataGrid

Murray Brown
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I am using the WebDataGrid in with  Infragistics. I have managed to bind the following datatable to the WebDataGrid.
and set up the grid to allow the user to edit a cell.

When the user edits a cell I want to run code to make this changes. What event would I use to do this

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I'm using the WIndows Forms grids of Infragistics.  I think you might have to use the InitializeRow and then get the columns from that.

(side note: I came across Infragistics control at my current job. Had never heard of it)

 void WebDataGrid1_InitializeRow(object sender, Infragistics.Web.UI.GridControls.RowEventArgs e)
Murray Developer


Hi. Thanks but I am looking more for a way to trigger code when a cell value is changed
WIndows Forms has "aftercellupdate" event. Web version doesn't have that?

Take a look at this
Murray Developer


thanks. That was what I was looking for

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