Cache Duration affecting page behavior

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Default page has
<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="MainOptionsTwo.aspx.cs" Inherits="CLEEPMedic.MainOptionsTwo" %>
<%@ OutputCache Location="Any" Duration="60" VaryByParam="none" VaryByControl="none" %>

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The Default page loads Caches from database.  
On click event Response.Redirect("frmPCRPreHospDisplayEditr.aspx", false);  Page Two loads and uses Caches for filling listboxes.

If I use the back button to return to Default page, I can then return to Page Two, which fills normally. The back button always works.  

However from Page Two, if I use  Response.Redirect( "Default.aspx",false);  I return to the Default page , but am "stuck" on the Default page.  By stuck, I mean no click event works;  and not will work for the Duration set in OutputCache.  

If I change the Duration to 5, then the Default page clicks works in 5 seconds.   Until the duration expires, the click event causes some kind of refresh, but breaks placed throughout code are never hit.   Curious as how the Duration can affect the page behavior.  

V Whitehead
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Okay, instead of an answer, does anyone know a very good tutorial on the use of Caches in  A site or even a book.
Developer User Interface
This was a long time ago. If I remember correctly, the mcts exam 70-528 had a good explanation about caching.

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