VB.net add primary key identity column to datatable

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I am using the following VB.net code to add an identity column. How do I set it as the primary key too?

            Dim dtNew As New DataTable()
            'Add columns to DataTable.
            '------------ ID Column -------------
            'Set AutoIncrement True for the First Column.
            dtNew.Columns("ID").AutoIncrement = True
            'Set the Starting or Seed value.
            dtNew.Columns("ID").AutoIncrementSeed = 1

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Create an array of columns that you want to use as the Primary Key, and set the Table.PrimaryKey value to that array:

Dim keys As DataColumn(1)
Keys(0) = YourTable.Columns("YourColumnName")
YourTable.PrimaryKey = Keys

If you need more than one:

Dim keys As DataColumn(2)
Keys(0) = YourTable.Columns("YourColumnName")
Keys(1) = YourTable.Columns("SecondColumn")
YourTable.PrimaryKey = Keys

Obviously the values in that column must be unique.
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Thank you very much

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