button clears cell colors before they are detected

Murray Brown
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I have an button that runs code that checks the cell backcolors.
The problem is that none of the cell colors are detected as blue because they were cleared on a postback before
the code runs. How do I run the code before the colors are cleared?
    Protected Sub btnSaveChanges_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnSaveChanges.Click


            Me.lblSaveChangesError.Text = ""
            Dim oDateList As String = TryCast(Session("oDateList"), String)
            Dim arrDates As Object = Split(oDateList, ",")
            Dim oNumberDays As Integer = UBound(arrDates) + 1
            Dim oTextColumnName As String
            Dim oColumnIndex As Integer
            Dim oCellValue As String
            Dim oToolTip As String
            Dim T As TextBox
            Dim oBackColor As System.Drawing.Color

            For r As Integer = 0 To Me.GridView1.Rows.Count - 1
                For d As Integer = 1 To oNumberDays
                    oColumnIndex = d + 1 'First column index is 2
                    oBackColor = Me.GridView1.Rows(r).Cells(oColumnIndex).BackColor
                    If oBackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Blue Then
                        'so if cell ccolor is blue....
                        oTextColumnName = "D" & CStr(d)
                        T = Me.GridView1.Rows(r).FindControl(oTextColumnName)
                        oCellValue = T.Text
                        oToolTip = T.ToolTip

                    End If
                Next d
            Next r

        Catch ex As Exception
            Me.lblSaveChangesError.Text = ex.Message
        End Try
    End Sub

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Hi Murray,

In your page_load, you can write code like this:
If Not IsPostback Then
' Call the code that needs to run before your page is lost.
End If

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You will have to take out that grid processing code and create a function which does this processing and call it from the Page_Load.
Another thing you can do is, EnableViewState for a given page/control to true that way it will preserve the values which were set by user interaction/client side scripts. Refer to:

Murray Developer


thanks very much

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