Word 2016: What color is this text?

Word 2016/Win10:

In the attached (scrubbed) snipped from my novel, I changed the first line to black via the color palette in Word. (First color on the left in in the screenshot below.)
 (I had temporarily changed it to another color.)  However, the second line (untouched) looks a bit different, color-wise. Can anyone tell me what color that is? Is it Word's default color?

Stephen KairysTechnical Writer - ConsultantAsked:
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Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)Excel & VBA ExpertCommented:
If you place your cursor in the second line and expend the Font Color and hover your mouse on the selected color, you will find that the name of the color is popped up as a tool tip and which is Word's default Dark Blue color.

If you click on More Colors and Custom in the opened color palette window, you can find the RGB values for the applied font color.


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Stephen KairysTechnical Writer - ConsultantAuthor Commented:
OK, I'll try it tomorrow. Thanks.
Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)Excel & VBA ExpertCommented:
Sure, no problem.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In the document I downloaded, the top line is black and the second line is blue.  The post above (Subodh) shows how the find the colour. I can see it when I look at it.
Stephen KairysTechnical Writer - ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the help.
Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)Excel & VBA ExpertCommented:
You're welcome Stephen! Glad we could assist.😊
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