Keyboard controller NPCE985LLA0DX

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Laptop: Sony Vaio
Model: SVF152C29M
Product name: SVF1521B4E
BIOS Chip: Winbond 25Q64FVSIG
Motherboard: DA0HK9MB6D0 REV: D

The problem:
- The keyboard and the touchpad are not working at all anymore.

1) Assuming I will be able to replace the Nuvoton NPCE985LLA0DX part, can someone tell me if this component needs programming or do I just buy it new and replace the existing one?
2) If NPCE985LLA0DX requires programming, then with what programmer do I have to program it and from where do I take the code/image to program it?

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From my google searching it comes up as an i/o chip
You have the 3mm balls and template and a hot air station and microscope?
only source worthwhile that I was able to find
Top Expert 2014
It's just surface mount, not BGA, I used to change that type of chip with a regular soldering iron. You cut the legs off the dead one with a scalpel, then clean the board up with a small bit on the iron.

Whether you can get the chip singly is doubtful. I can;t find the chip on manufacturer's website

Edit: NPCE985LA0DX , you had an extra L hence no hits when I copied/pasted. Lots of single chips on eBay,
Yes, by mistake I have added and extra L. It is indeed NPCE985LA0DX.
I found them in China, I have already ordered 2, around 2.5-3€ each. I will get them in 3-4 weeks.
I have the tools, USB microscope and soldering irons various types. The hot air station I had, but not anymore.
As andyalder says, I know is possible also with only the soldering iron and tiny cutters for SMD or scalpel.
There are all kind of various techniques:

But my main point was: is that only an simple replaceable IC without any further programming?
As far as I understood, yes, I just buy it and replace it, without any further programming.
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Pretty sure it is not programmable. You can download Nuvoton NuMicro™ ICP Programming Tool and install it on a PC. Even without a programmer there is a HTML file of supported devices.
That was a good idea.
Actually I do not have to download and install the software. There are pdf files with supported devices here:
NPCE985LA0DX is not among them, so we can assume is not programmable.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

In terms of time and effort, I/M/O it would be simpler to get a replacement motherboard and swap the whole thing.  It would certainly be less risk as far as the outcome.

The motherboard can be had for $25 on the fleabay and I suspect a whole system would not be too much more.
Yes. you are absolutely right. There is only one problem with it: I am not in US, I am in Europe Germany and the shipping cost shows 65USD ! and I could not fond a cheap one on Germany eBay or other 2nd hand laptop repairing parts websites.
Now, that you brought the word, I found one new in UK at acceptable price: 29.91€ +11.74€ transport to Germany.

It says has Pentium 987, while my motherboard has Intel i5-3337U.
I do not mind Pentium 987 as long as is on motherboard. I need to find out if it is there.
What is your opinion?
May I install the above motherboard instead of my motherboard if it comes with the CPU on it?
I mean the connectors, signals…do they match?

Update: eBay UK seller just answered :"I can confirm that the processor soldered onto the board is an Intel Pentium 987."
I changed my mind.
I checked the processor Pentium 987 and compared with i5-3337U and it is weaker:

The motherboard will fit to my laptop, but the processor is weak for nowadays.
In mean time I have ordered this cheap hot air station that I need also for other type of work and will arrive in 2-3 days:
actually this version from here:
Maybe later OI will buy a nozzle for 28x28mm, the size of the NPCE985LA0DX chip in the package QFP-128 pins:
The chip itself was already ordered in China with 2-3€.
In 1-2 months from now on, no rush, after summer holiday, if I am not successful with NPCE985LA0DX, then I might reconsider the Pentium 987 motherboard or perhaps in mean time I can find a cheaper working motherboard with i5-3337U.
I think is time to close the present question, because my question was answered: the NPCE985LA0DX chip is non-programmable, it can be just replaced with a new one.

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