HP core switch that has 4 Copper 1\10Gig ports and 4 Fibre SFP ports and suggestion to connect Storage and ESX servers

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We are planning to replace the core switch and keen in getting a HP core switch.

Firstly ,I would need 4 Copper 10Gig ports on the new core switch to connect between 2xHP ESX servers and Storage and i don't want to use a storage switch.
Secondly,I would like 4 Fibre SFP ports that can be connected between Core and Edge switch.

At the moment the Edge are 1 Gig SPF ports   and want to use the 1G connection between new core switch and edge switch. Later I will be upgrading the edge to 10Gig and during that time I must be able to switch over to 10Gig connection on the new HP Core switch.

Please let know HP switch which can do this job or suggest me the plan for this.

Thanks in advance.
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Recently went with Aruba 3810M stack (2x JL072A + 1x JL075A) from HPE as the core for a new office.   The JL075A is 16 SFP plus two module slots, which we have one JL083A module for 10Gb MM fiber uplinks to the edge stacks.  I'd prefer to have another JL075A in the stack for redundancy.

EDIT:  you could use RJ copper transceivers for your 4 1GB copper ports in this configuration


Is this a 16 port or 24 port switch ?
16 ports + 2 module bays to go up to 24 with the right cards


If all the 16 ports are SFP and  to connect 4 copper ports between 2 host and core, I need to but 4x 10Gb fibre to copper tranceivers
Is that right?

Are there any switches which comes with 16\24 SFP with at least 4-8copper ports
I can avoid purchasing the 10Gbe Fibre to copper tranceivers?

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