How can I stop my text in an edit box from being clipped at the bottom ?

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I have just used RAD Studio Tokyo to complete my first program for Android. I have this program running well on my Amazon Fire.

There is one odd problem I am having with text. I am using Edit boxes for entry and display of numbers. Everything looks perfect at design time. But when I run it on the Fire, all of the numbers in the edit boxes are slightly cut off at the bottom as if they didn't quite fit into the edit boxes.

For a while I tried to make the edit boxes taller, but every time I changed the Height setting, it reverted to what it had been. I thought I had successfully made the edit boxes taller in the style designer. Apparently it reverted again.

It looks to me like the text should fit and so I suspect it might not be a matter of the text being too large for the edit box. Currently my Font is probably default, tahoma. I changed one Edit to Ariel, but they look exactly the same to me.

Currently the text is set to 28 and the height of the edit is 32. I would like to change this to 36. It won't let me change the height of the edit. I have text align set to center for both horizontal and vertical. I tried the other two settings for vertical. One moves the text up and now the top of the numbers are cut off. The other one lowers it and then there is even more of the bottom of the numbers being cut off.

I tried using a smaller font and that does fix it, when I get down to 24. But really I would rather have larger text in taller edit boxes.

How can I make my edit boxes taller ? Do margins or padding have anything to do with this ? Do I need to use a different font ?
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