What is wrong in Regular Expression?

Pedro Chagas
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Hi E's,
I create this regular expression:
The objective is just allow the character M or m, and/or numbers from 0 to 9 (ex: m1; m99, 991, mMM10) , but unfortunately don't work.
What I do wrong?

The best regards,
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why not just

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What was the intention to use that \u2098 ?

Here is a tester for your expession to play with:
Pedro ChagasWebmaster


I @zc2, your solution not work. I use like this in js:
function isCE(str){
                          var re = new RegExp("^[mM0-9]*$");
                          if (re.test(str)) {
                              return true;
                          } else {
                              return false;

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If I write "11", "1000", etc it work, but if I use "M1", "Mm", don't work!
I am very basic in RE!

Regards, JC
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function isCE(str) {
   return /^[m\d]*$/i.test(str);

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What are those "M" characters you are entering? Are they ASCII or from some others character set?

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