Can I delete AppData > Roaming files?

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I have a Samsung Pro 850 512gb SSD as my C: drive in my Win 10 system, that I calculated when choosing, would remain half empty after I installed my programs and I only use it for programs--data is stored on HDDs. Both Program and Windows folders = 43gb.

After some weird issues popped up and a noticeable lag in some functions, I found that the C drive was showing 21gb left of 476gb space.  

After scrounging around and sorting through 80% of the folders I found that the  C: > Users > ME >AppData > Roaming  folder is consuming 329gb of space and the culprit is Adobe. Can I delete any of the contents safely?
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...I found the problem. I should've looked deeper in the Adobe folder. It was the Media Cache Files that were taking up the space.
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good for you.

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