Shortcuts not working in the C:\users\public\desktop folder

Van Johnson
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I have a Windows 10 Dell SFF.  I am trying to add Chrome Shortcuts to the c:\users\public\desktop.  When I log in with a user having local administrator rights I do the following:
1. Go to Chrome
2. Add preferred URL
3. I create a shortcut
4. The shortcut appears on the desktop
5. I copy the shortcut to the c:\users\public\desktop folder ( I now have two on this desktop, one local and one public)
6. I log out of this user
7. I log in with a new user
8. The shortcuts appear on the desktop without an icon
9. They also have a strange path
10. The shortcuts open up to a Google Chrome empty page
11. When I look in the c:\users\public\desktop on the new user the same shortcut appears with no icon and does not work
I have actually tried this with a local administrator on the box and they seem to work for that user.  
I want these shortcuts to be available for ALL users on the box.  
Any help would be appreciated.
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Try in this way:
  • Create a shortcut doing right click on your desktop and select New > Shortcut
  • Paste your URL in empty filed and click Next
  • Type a Name for Shortcut
  • Copy and Paste this new Shortcut file in public desktop
Van JohnsonChief Technology Officer


Thanks for your help.  I had to mess around with it to make a custom ico file but it worked out well.

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