Is it possible to have multiple iSCSI vlans for different SANs with multipathing, using the same pair of NICs?

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we currently have a vswitch with 2 x qsfp NICs that we use with an Equallogic SAN with multipathing with 2 x vmkernel ports on the same vlan. Is it possible to add a second pair of vmkernek ports  to the same standard vswitch, on a different vlan, connecting to different san?
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>>to the same standard vswitch

Yes, but you will need to change the uplinks from the physical NICS so they can see both VLANS*, and you would also then need to specify the VLANS on the iSCSI Port groups.

*They are probably access ports (if Cisco switches), or Untagged Ports (If not Cisco switches), to carry multiple VLANsthe uplinks need to be trunks (Cisco) or Tagged (non Cisco). Once that's done the ports groups for each ISCSI network, need to be tagged with the correct VLAN, this is done in the 'port-group'. if you get stuck read this.

Don't do it that way though,unless you have to ? If possible Run your new storage VLAN over a completely new vswitch and set of uplinks. I appreciate that might not be possible.


Hi Pete,

Thank you for the quick response. We are already using those interfaces in "switchport mode trunk" withe the current VLAN being the only one allowed. The switches are Dell (the fabric in the Dell blade chassis - 1x 40Gb nic per switch) , so they use Cisco-like conventions. The SAN side it is all "untagged/access mode", but the links to the hyper visors are "tagged/trunk mode".

I have some questions around VLAN ID tagging and MTU sizes, but I will raise a separate question for that.

Thank you very much for your help!

Pete LongTechnical Consultant

Thanks Boris

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