On a Dell Power Edge servers R640 , Will i be able to  have a 10Gbe connection to connect to a new core switch.

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We are going to replace our ageing servers. I have been quoted for 2x Dell Power Edge servers R640  and the LAN card on this server is 1Gbe Base T.
To connect the San and Host, we will be using SAS 12GBps HBA.
At the moment the core switch on our network is 1GbE and planning to connect the Host and Core switch with 1GbE copper connection

In a next 5 Months I am planning to replace my core switch and purchase a 10Gig core Switch and during that time will the ethernet card auto-negotiate between 1 and 10-gigabit  on the Dell Power Edge servers R640 ?

Please suggest  and any help would be great.

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If the NIC on the server is a 10G card then it can negotiate between 1 and 10G.  If it is not, you will need to install a 10G NIC.

In my environment i have Dell R640's running as host servers and connects up to the SAN over a 10G iSCSI connection (this is the host servers for non database vms).  The host servers and SAN connects to  10G Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches.

I ordered 10G NICs for each server.  

I wanted to see if it could connect up over 1G as well, so I actually connected a Cat5e cable to the 10G NIC and then ran it to a 10G port on the switch and it worked just fine.  To be more specific, I connected it to the 10G NIC port on the server, and actually connected that to a 1G port on the switch and it worked.

The switches I have comes with 8 10g ports and 40 1g ports.
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Network interfaces will actually throttle up and down to until they get a connection
10G/5G/2.5G/1G. Connecting a 10G to a 1G connection will work but what a waste of money.

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