VSANDatastore unable to create object

Thomas Grassi
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My vCenter and ESXI host are all up to date with updates.

I am new to using VSAN in a VMWARE environment.

I posted this question on the VMware forum and got a nasty response not happy with them now.

Hoping one of you guys can help me.

I setting up the VSAN Cluster I had to modify my Cisco 3750 switch to change the MTU from 1500 to MTU 9000 Jumbo frames.

I also changed the Vswitches from MTU 1500 to MTU 9000
And all the VMKERNAL Adapters from MTU 1500 to MTU 9000

After I made that change my VSANDatastsore went from ZERO to 7 TB

Problem I have now is that I am unable to write to the vsandatastore.

I found this article



I ran this on each host in the cluster, got the same results for all a ZERO

 vsish -e get /vmkModules/vsanutil/stretchedClusterMode

I checked the permissions on the vsandatastore and they match my other datastores.

I am trying to use this space for my Veeam Replication jobs they all failed to write to the VSANDatastore.

Any ideas on what I am missing here? any commands I can run to gather more details to help troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you

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Going to upgrade all esxi hosts to new Dell PowerEdge R430 13 Edition  which supports ESXI 6.5 and 6.5 U1

My current Dell PowerEdge Servers they say do not support Dell 6.5 but they are ll running 6.5 strange one I would say.

But when I install 6.5  it  does say the CPU's will not support the next version.

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