Website domain does not resolve to new domain via internal network...only externally.

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We are having an issue with resolving a website address internally.

Our original company website, was redesigned and is now named  Typing in will resolve to

However, if you are connected to internal internet and enter, you resolve to and you do not get forwarded to

This only happens with desktops/laptops, phones resolve properly.  Have tried with systems that were not part of local domain, issue is the same as long as connected to internal internet connection.  The website was never hosted internally.

We've looked through our Sonicwall tz400 and can't find anything.  Nothing on Barracuda web filter either (wasn't likely, but had to look).

Where could a rule/setting to cause this exist?
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Probably there is a DNS entry set manually on your local DNS server for Did the IP address change too?
You can try if DNS resolution is the issue by looking at the results of:

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The latter two lookups force to use a public Google DNS server.


We aren't 100% sure on this just yet, but there WAS an entry in the forward lookup pointing to the ip for, we changed it to the current one and will see where we end up once things propogate.


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