Chrome sometimes closes spontaneously when clicked

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What would be causing Chrome to close unexpectedly sometimes when I click?

It never closes completely on its own but only in response to a click. For example, I can have a dozen tabs open, each of which I've clicked in some number of times, but then with the next click, the browser completely closes (as though I clicked the Close X in the right-upper corner). Then other times I can be only 4-5 clicks into the first tab I've opened and suddenly the same thing happens.

When I restart Chrome, I always get the pop up asking if I want to Restore the previous tabs (ie it acts as though it was shut down due to a power loss or something similar rather than as though I purposely had closed it).

The lethal clicks seem to be completely random and I have not been able to detect anything common about those clicks which result in the shut down vs other clicks. In other words, it might occur when I click anywhere in the app, such as a link or an image or simply in text. It also seems to be unrelated to how long I've had the browser open, how many times I've clicked, how many tabs are open, etc.

I've tried restarting Windows but the problem persists.

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Try resetting chrome to default settings.

Settings > Advanced > Reset and Cleanup.
What type of mouse do you have? Is it wireless?


Thanks for the comments.

Unfortunately no change after Settings > Advanced > Reset and Cleanup

My mouse is a Kensington trackball:
      Kensington Expert Mouse Wired Trackball

I have been using it for over 10 years with no similar problems.
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It's actually getting worse. It commonly occurs now after < 10 clicks and sometimes as soon as I open Chrome.
Do you have another mouse youcan try?
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

I'd likely try joinaunion's suggestion.

You can purchase a USB (wired) mouse for a few dollars.

If you're using a Bluetooth mouse, try a wired mouse.

If you're using a wired mouse, try switch your mouse to a different USB port + if problem persists, try another wired mouse in a different USB port.

Your goal is to rule out various potential hardware problems... which is the likely problem source...
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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10 years is overly long for a mouse, so I would try a new mouse as suggested above.

If that fails to correct Chrome behaviour, uninstall Chrome, do a Windows Repair Install and Keep Everything. At the end, restart, install Chrome and test. Windows 10 Repair Install instructions follow here.

Windows 10 is running, so click on the Download button (not Upgrade Button, select Save.
Create a USB Windows Installation key and then run Setup on the USB Key.
This will launch the Repair and proceed normally.

It could also be a damaged Windows User Profile. Repair Install does not fix this. Try a different Windows User Profile and see if Chrome behaves properly in a new Windows User Account.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
Most Valuable Expert 2012
Expert of the Year 2018

Author - you said the answer you selected as the correct answer did not work and indeed was getting worse?

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