Best option to deploy app ( VM or Web App)

Dipesh Patel
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Hi Experts,
 We are working on publishing some app through VM and with Web App. We are trying with both options.

We would like to compare and check which option is not expensive or which option is best?

Can you please help us to investigate difference?
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Apples and oranges comparison here
VM: you control the environment and it is probably self contained,
The view and business logic and maybe database are self contained

WebApp: only has the view mdel
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A virtual machine and web app have different meanings to different people. Can you explain what you are referring to when you say web app or virtual machine?  Are you talking about hosting with a traditional web host that has a virtual machine vs something like google app engine?

What are the components of your app? How many people to you expect to serve?
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Hi Dipesh,

What I understand is that you looking to publish the web application using Azure APP service or from Azure VM?

There are a lot of benefits:

By going with Azure App Service(It gives you the flexibility to publish your application without taking care of backend infrastructure)
This comes under PAAS. I will recommend using Azure PAAS for web app hosting as it gives you benefits with costing.

Azure APP Service:

Do understand more about Azure App Service Pricing:

By going with Azure VM, will enable to manage the infrastructure and also will increase the cost.
Please find below URL to understand the pricing for Azure VM
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Why the Azure topic? Web app can mean local on-prem too.

In my mind, if you ignore the format, the biggest difference is updates. Ensure you use a update delivery method sure as ClickOnce if you are using .NET


Thank you all for your comment. I was little bit confused about deployment method and was trying to compare cost and difference. I figured it out now.

Thanks again.

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