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Can i upgrade older versions of Win10 to latest with newest update or have to do incremental?

Jody Davis
Jody Davis asked
I have numerous versions of Win10 on our domain that are ver1709 and previous - that are no longer receiving newer windows updates as detailed by MS website. My question is this:

I see WSUS has these version updates available. Can i use (for instance) a ver1607 laptop and assign the ver1803 update to bring it up to that version, or do i have to do EACH incremental update/version upgrade to move older Win10 versions up to the latest version? That would not be preferred. :)  Please let me know.

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You can. No steps in between are needed.

I've done such updates with Windows 10 without problem.  I believe that the most recent was 1607 to 1809, but not sure.

Keep in mind that the newer versions may have trouble with older hardware.  I've not run into it personally (a system that will run older Win 10 but not newer), but have seen reports of such here on EE.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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You can go directly from V1511  to  V1903 in one step. I did that on my own Desktop computer a while back. No need for intervening updates.

If your WSUS will give the latest version just do it.
Sean BravenerSenior Information Technology Consultant
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all updates as mentioned are cumulative.  MS does this mainly for businesses but home users reap the benefits.

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