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How to replace "," with "-" in file names

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Last Modified: 2019-06-22
My OS is win 7 64 bit and I had been saving files in jpeg with commas (,) eg : "This is a test, now.jpeg"  While I encountered errors but whenever i boot or after some time, I get window errors,like asking me to activate, etc.  How do I do a global replace of the ","s with a "-" in all jpeg files.  what is the easiest method?  thank u n regards.
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Maybe you can try with Bulk Rename Utility  https://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/Main_Intro.php
I have never used it, but it looks a safe program.

Here you have listed some other options: https://superuser.com/questions/197380/how-do-i-find-and-replace-a-character-in-filenames-in-windows-7-using-explorer.
Maybe I would give a try to adobe bridge.
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I agree with the above suggestion for bulk file rename (bulkrenameutility)

I do not think the file name issue is the cause of Windows activation issues.  That is your other later post

I have occasionally used Advanced Renamer.
In my opinion the interface is more clear than the Bulk Rename Utility.
It also has a portable version so you don't have to install it.
You can download it from: https://www.advancedrenamer.com/download

After starting the program with "ARen.exe"
Click Add and add the folder/directory with the files
or select the Folder Panel and Drag the folder/directory with the files into the Rename Files view
As filename mask you can specify: *.jpeg
Click Add method |Replace
  Text to be replaced: ,
  Replace with: -
  Occurence: All
  Apply to: Name
You can verify the new filename in the "New Filename" column.
Click the button "Start batch" to start the rename task.
After all files are renamed, you can view the details of what has been done by clicking the "Undo last batch..." button.

More info about how the program works can be found here:


Thank u everyone for saving me long man hours. I used the  Bulk Rename Utility suggested by davorin and it worked without any errors.  thank u n regards