Mapping field name changes in Crystal Report 2016 Has their been any improvement in updating fields? How can I do this if it does?

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Mapping field name changes in Crystal Report 2016. I have a report with 5 large tables. Some 200+ fields long. The report has many in there. I need to switch everything now to the SQL Command window pulling the more efficient records. Is there a way to replace field by field as it comes up so that the new field accepts the size position and formatting of the original you map it to.

When Crystal recognizes a change in the database and proceeds to fix the report. It would be great if it would do that. Otherwise it is time to rebuild the report. I do not recall that functionality in past versions. I have been around since version 6. Now the newer versions of Crystal I wonder if anyone decided to update that feature. Any thoughts of this. Thank you for looking into if you do.
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You can try using the SET DATA SOURCE LOCATION under the DATABASE menu.

That will allow you to map the old field to the new field.

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Should I copy this out of the location from which it was made. Because I had to make it inside the original tables it was made from. Then go to the create new connection.....(can it be the same named server connection "local" in this case as the original was? The go back to the Set datasource location starting from the original table and point it to the stand alone SQL Command shown here in the image called   "CRSQL_COL"
SQL Command in same location how do I map?

I am just a little confused as to how I get the two to see a different location if the locations are named the same?
What factors need to be in place in order for the two to map if they come from the same location?
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As far as I know, there is no way to replace the type of the datasource in Crystal reports. If your datasource is created using Database expert and you switch to a stored procedure or command the fields will disappear from the report and you will need to create them manually using the new datasource. if you are writing an app to run the report you can use a method SetDataSource and provide the data directly to the report without changing it. Here is a sample project, which can give you an idea of how to do this:

What kind of software do you use to run the report?
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It seems you are trying to do this in the wrong place

Edit the command and copy the SQL to notepad.

In the bottom half add the NEW data source.
   You can use the same connection just create a NEW COMMAND
    Paste the SQL into the command window
    Click OK
Select the new command in the lower window
Select the data source in the upper window
    You should get a chance to map the fields Crystal doesn't find matches for.  
        Generally this is because the names don't match
When all are mapped click OK
Run the report


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