Charts wont show

Hi experts and thanks in advance for any help I will get on this one:
Im trying to show 3 different charts . my code is an upgrade from vb6 . I get only 3 dots on the chart space instead of lines. this is my code:
       Dim oChart As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Owc11.ChChart  
       Dim oSeries As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Owc11.ChSeriesCollection  

            For i = 1 To 300
                For j = 1 To 13
                    oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ActiveSheet.Cells(i, j).value = Arr(i, j)
                Next j
            Next i

            ReDim XChart(300)
            ReDim YChart(300)
            Dim XChart1(300) As Object
            Dim YChart1(300) As Object
            minX = oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ActiveSheet.Cells(1, 2).value
            minY = oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ActiveSheet.Cells(1, 3).value

            maxX = oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ActiveSheet.Cells(1, 2).value
            maxY = oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ActiveSheet.Cells(1, 3).value
            For i = 1 To 300

                If oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ActiveSheet.Cells(i, 2).value >= maxX And oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ActiveSheet.Cells(i, 3).value >= maxY Then
                    maxX = oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ActiveSheet.Cells(i, 2).value
                    XChart(i) = oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ActiveSheet.Cells(i, 2).value * 100
                    maxY = oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ActiveSheet.Cells(i, 3).value
                    YChart(i) = oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ActiveSheet.Cells(i, 3).value * 100

                    YChart1(i) = YChart(i)
                End If
                XChart1(i) = dblStiyatTeken
            Next i

        maxX = maxX * 100
            If maxX < dblStiyatTeken Then maxX = dblStiyatTeken
             maxY = maxY * 100

            minX = minX * 100
             If minX > dblStiyatTeken Then minX = dblStiyatTeken
            minY = minY * 100

          oReportForm.Spreadsheet11.ViewableRange = oReportForm.LblPrintRange.Text

            'Create a new chart

            'Add a title to the chart
            oReportForm.ChartSpace11.Charts(0).HasTitle = True
            oReportForm.ChartSpace11.Charts(0).Title.Caption = "kk"

            With oReportForm.ChartSpace11.Charts(0)
                .Type = ChartChartTypeEnum.chChartTypeScatterMarkers
                .HasTitle = True
                .Title.Caption = "kk"
                .SeriesCollection(0).SetData(ChartDimensionsEnum.chDimYValues, (ChartSpecialDataSourcesEnum.chDataLiteral), YChart)
                .SeriesCollection(0).SetData(ChartDimensionsEnum.chDimXValues, (ChartSpecialDataSourcesEnum.chDataLiteral), XChart)
                .Border.Color = RGB(227, 227, 227)
                .Border.DashStyle = ChartMarkerStyleEnum.chMarkerStyleSquare
                .Border.Weight = 5
                .Interior.Color = &HFFFF00

            End With
            oReportForm.ChartSpace11.Charts(0).SeriesCollection(0).Name = "kk"


            With oReportForm.ChartSpace11.Charts(0)
                .Type = ChartChartTypeEnum.chChartTypeScatterMarkers
                .HasTitle = True
                .Title.Caption = "tt"
                .SeriesCollection(0).SetData(ChartDimensionsEnum.chDimYValues, ChartSpecialDataSourcesEnum.chDataLiteral, (ArrayNetuneyHishuvKavYailut(4, 2) / ArrayNetuneyHishuvKavYailut(5, 2) * 52 * 100))
                .SeriesCollection(0).SetData(ChartDimensionsEnum.chDimXValues, ChartSpecialDataSourcesEnum.chDataLiteral, ArrayNetuneyHishuvKavYailut(1, 2) * 100)
                .Border.Color = RGB(227, 227, 227)
                .Border.DashStyle = ChartMarkerStyleEnum.chMarkerStyleSquare
                .Border.Weight = 8
                .Interior.Color = &HFFFF00

            End With

            YChart1(1) = minY - (maxY - minY) / 20
            YChart1(300) = maxY + (maxY - minY) / 20


            With oReportForm.ChartSpace11.Charts(0)
                .Type = ChartChartTypeEnum.chChartTypeScatterMarkers
                .HasTitle = True
                .Title.Caption = "gg"
                .SeriesCollection(0).SetData(ChartDimensionsEnum.chDimXValues, ChartSpecialDataSourcesEnum.chDataLiteral, XChart1)
                .SeriesCollection(0).SetData(ChartDimensionsEnum.chDimYValues, ChartSpecialDataSourcesEnum.chDataLiteral, YChart1)
                .Border.Color = RGB(227, 227, 227)
                .Border.DashStyle = ChartMarkerStyleEnum.chMarkerStyleSquare
                .Border.Weight = 0.85
                .Interior.Color = &H8080FF

            End With
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Well i am not familiar with OWC but with a little search from the Internet it is not that popular so resources are a bit low...Nevertheless given the fact it was working i reckon the best route to resolve it is to create the absolute minimal example and check what and why it differs from your code.Codeproject hosts some samples like Simple Charts Using OWC  and Create Column Charts Using OWC11 but they need some work to get them least on my system.
Last but not least i found there is a book that refers exclusively to OWC : The Microsoft Office Web Components Black Book with .Net so probably this would be the best resource.
SideNote: OWC was deprecated in Office 2007 it might be wiser to invest on another technology to create charts like the Chart control

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