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Tim Peek
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What's the process for replacing a Domain Computer for a Domain User?

DC Server is 2019 Essentials and New Computer is Windows 10 Pro. Old Computer is Windows 7 Pro

1. The only GPO running at login  does Folder Redirection for Desktop, Documents, Pictures and Contacts. So, the user already has all of that data on the server in her folder created by the GPO

2. We don't use roaming I know I cant just simply log her in with the users credentials and everything is there.

3. Do I need to remove the old computer from AD Users & Computers before joining the new one to the domain?

We only have one DC and 12 computers on it. I have already installed Office 2016 and her other applications onto the new computer but afraid to join the domain. I have had SIDs issues before monkeying with Computers/User Profiles etc.

 Just trying to do this right.
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I just have them login to the new machine, and then fix whatever settings they need such as printers, email signature, etc. Disjoin old PC from domain only if it is being retired. Delete from AD at that time.


Delete the old computer from AD  before or after joining the new one?
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

I wouldn't delete the old computer until you have disjoined it from the domain. That would be after the user is satisfied with the new computer.


By disjoin do you mean add it back to  Workgroup?
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As was suggested, never devomission the old system (which is what disjoin, going to workgroup, remove from ad)
Depending on your setup, a user often does not fully remember all the resources they access do having their old system available for a couple of months after the transition to a new workstation.

Folder redirections, roaming profiles simplify the transition.

Specific application.

Printers can be managed through gpos/GPP

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