Virtualizing File Servers

Jay Schwegler
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I just wanted to see if I could get some best practices for virtualizing a file server in respect to semi-large data volumes. Note that this is a small setup, there is no SAN or Shared Storage in play here, just a large direct attached storage RAID 10 array on ESXi 6.7

Aside from the actual virtual machine and the boot/OS volume, I was planning on simply adding an additional 2TB disk to the VM that would house all the shares. Is there anything else I should be thinking about concerning this (other than probably thick provisioning it for the best volume performance)?

Simple question I know, but just wanted to get some opinions.
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We prefer to use smaller disks, and lots of them.... for specific shares.

it makes quotas and disk expansion easier, and also reduces the rate of changes (file changes) for backup (snapshots).

But super large disks are fine, we use Eager Zeroed for performance.

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