RWW does not work on one workstation out of 15.

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Hi -
I have a client with 15 workstations running on SBS 2011.  They are using RWW to get in.  I added two new workstations today and was able to get them both workstation to work with RWW by opening a port in the firewall.  An existing workstation however is not connecting using RWW.  I thought maybe there was an IP difference but i checked both the server and the workstation and they both show the same IP address.  I made sure all Remote Desktop service are active and running.  

Connection to the workstation fails with "Your Computer Can't connect to the remote computer because a security package error occurred in the transport layer....."

i cleared the credentials and i am pretty much out of suggestions - any help would be appreciated.

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When you say that both server and workstation are showing the same IP address, do you mean that both are on the same subnet? If both computers have the same IP address then that will cause problems...

Assuming that there are no duplicate IP addresses, can the user connect OK from a different computer, and can a different user connect OK from the same computer? If so, there is likely a problem with the user's profile and recreating it may solve the problem.


Hi and thanks for responding.

What I meant is when I do an ipconfig on the workstation I come up with - from the server when I ping the workstation's name - it too comes up with  In the past I've seen at times, the server thought the workstation was at a different IP address.  

From the server I can use remote desktop to get to the workstation without a problem.  This is a law firm and so often the clients will use RWW to access their workstations.  All of the users are able to get in on their workstations using RWW except for this one.

There was an issue with the workstation and after re-building the workstation the problem stopped.

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